We are a trusted South African industry leader in the supply of photovoltaic systems for homes and businesses. We specialise in the design and installation of high quality bespoke and bankable solar energy generation, battery storage and hybrid solutions, both at utility and small scale.

Completed Projects

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System size: 7.37 kWp
Annual System yield: 11.65 MWh


System size: 7.70 kWp
Annual System yield: 11.44 MWh

Bantry Bay

System size: 2.62 kWp
Annual System yield: 3.24 MWh


3KVA, 5kWh
Runtime: +-5hours


System size: 13.11 kWp
Annual System yield: 20.26 MWh

Camps Bay

System size: 13.86 kWp
Annual System yield: 20.74 MWh


System size: 10.6 kWp
Annual System yield: 17.57 MWh


3KVA, 5kWh
Runtime: +-5hours

Hout Bay

System size: 14.5 kWp
Annual System yield: 21.50 MWh

Camps Bay

System size: 4.41 kWp
Annual System yield: 6.38 MWh


System size: 9.45 kWp
Annual System yield: 14.57 MWh


3KVA, 5kWh
Runtime: +-5hours


System size: 25,5 kWp
Annual System yield: 31.99 MWh

Camps Bay

System size: 4.62 kWp
Annual System yield: 7.09 MWh


System size: 9,5 kWp
Annual System yield: 14.82 MWh


3KVA, 5kWh
Runtime: +-5hours

Satisfied Clients

“BrightHouse Solar is a well-established solar and storage company, which came highly recommended when my family looked to establishing solar power on our premises. We found the staff to be friendly, engaging and, most importantly for us, technically skilled with great experience in residential scale solar and storage projects. What has been most impressive is their after-sales service (which is usually the downside of using contracting companies and consultants) – they, however, followed-up with us (and still do), and even performed a service on the multiple panels on our property. We are completely satisfied as customer of BrightHouse Solar, and would highly recommend them to any prospective customers and even customers looking to upgrade their power current generation and storage systems.”

– Prof. Kurt April  

“During 2015, after extensive research into solar energy suppliers, I asked BrightHouse to provide a quote for solar installation at my residence.
Their approach was completely professional from the start, giving me an immediate feeling of confidence. I was given a meticulous, thorough Proposal for Small Scale Embedded Generation, which was explained to me in detail.
After accepting the quote installation was performed on schedule and with no significant hitches. BrightHouse handled the necessary paperwork with the council, it only required a signature from my side.
The system has worked perfectly since commissioning, with only minimal maintenance.

During 2019 BrightHouse also installed an Energy Storage System at my house, again very professionally with minimal disruption.
I would not hesitate to recommend BrightHouse for any solar energy needs”

– Dr Martin Payne